0.7/1.0/2.5MM White Marker Pens Oily Waterproof Permanent Paint Markers For Wood Plastic Leather Glass Stone Metal Art Supplies


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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null


Type: Oil

Dual-side Writing: No

Writing Medium: Fabric

Type: Marker Pen

Ink Color: white

Ink Type: Permanent

Model Number: White Marker Pen

Brush Tip: round toe

Writing Point: 0.7mm/1.0mm/2.5mm


Break through boundaries and let your inspiration flow freely with our brand-new, multi-tipped and vibrantly colored white marker pen! Available in three tip sizes - 0.7mm, 1.0mm, and 2.5mm - this pen can handle your most intricate or bold creative endeavors. With its high color saturation and rich pigments, your creations will stand out in any setting. Instant drying, waterproof, and fade-resistant, your ideas will remain fresh and vibrant. The fine ink, evenly distributed, provides an unparalleled writing experience. The wear-resistant nib and comfortable grip will keep you engaged in the smooth flow of writing. The fiber tip offers unmatched smoothness, ensuring every stroke is effortless. Use this white marker pen to add personalized touches to your tires, bring vibrancy to your artwork, inject energy into advertising campaigns, and add a personal touch to your greeting cards. Compared to other brands on the market, our nibs are finer, smoother, and quality-assured. This is a trusted tool that will amplify your creativity and unleash boundless possibilities. 

1.【Diverse nib options】: Our marker pens come with three different nib sizes, including 0.7mm, 1.0mm, and 2.5mm, which can satisfy your various needs from fine drawing to bold writing. Whether you're drawing details on a design plan or writing large words on a poster, our marker pens can handle the job with ease.
2.【Superior color performance】: Our marker pens have a high saturation of color and a bright color, allowing your work to stand out in any environment. Whether it's outdoor under the sun or indoor in dim lighting, your work will maintain its bright colors and attract all the attention.
3.【Outstanding durability and quality】: Our marker pens have excellent durability and quality, with ink that is waterproof, quick-drying, and fade-resistant. This means that whether you're writing on paper, cloth, or other waterproof materials, your work will remain as new. In addition, our marker pens have wear-resistant nibs that are comfortable to hold, write smoothly, and are not easy to break.
4.【Wide range of application scenarios】: Our marker pens are suitable for multiple scenarios. Whether you're painting on tires, filling in color on a canvas, advertising on a board, or even writing wishes on a greeting card, our marker pens can handle the job with ease.
5.【Compared to other brands on the market, our product has higher cost-effectiveness and better quality assurance】: Our marker pens not only have reasonable prices but also excellent quality. Our nibs are carefully manufactured with a delicate and white appearance, and compared to other brands on the market, they have higher quality and cost-effectiveness. We are confident in the quality of our products and therefore provide quality assurance. 

Color: White
Water resistant and Fast Drying
Suitable for Furniture Decoration, Book Shelf, Lamp Drill Hole Position for Mark.
Also Deep Holes for Metal Processing, Automobile Manufacturing and other production Industries. Mark the Processing Position.
Also Mark on the Surface of Wood, Metal, Glass, etc

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3Pcs, 1Pcs 0.7mm, 1Pcs 1.0mm, 3Pcs 2.5mm, 3Pcs 0.7mm, 3Pcs 1.0mm, 1Pcs 2.5mm


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