Motorcycle Rear Luggage Cargo Rack For Ducati DesertX Desert X 2022-2023 Black Aluminum Topplate Stainless Steel Support Bracket


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Package Included: 1 x Rear Luggage Rack 


Material Type: Top plate 6061 aluminum ,Side rails stainless steel


Experience the NICECNC Top Luggage Rack for Ducati DesertX, the perfect combination of style, functionality, and reliability.


【Low-profile Design】This top rack sits close to the tail plastics, maintaining a low profile that seamlessly blends with the stock seat angle.

【Rack Compatibility】16 slots-Strapping points for various of rack-less systems,soft luggage, tool bags and roll bags.

It offers perfect mounting compatibility with popular brands like Mosko Moto, Giant Loop, and Enduristan.

*Pre-drilled holes allow easy installation of Givi and SW-Motech adapter kits for riders seeking top case compatibility (for rider only, no pillion,road only use,5 kg max;). It also enable mounting of Kriega bags using Kriega OS-rack loops.

*Side supports seamlessly accommodates Ducati Aux rear fuel tank,Ducati OEM mini side racks and Kriega Rear Haul Loop

*Please note the above compatible luggage, bags, adapter and Loop can are not included.

【Rear Grab Handle Access】The large cut-out on the rack allows easy access to the rear grab handle.

【Strong and durable】Side rails are made of Stainless steel, top plate is milled out of 6mm aluminum alloy,come with high-quality nickel plated bolts and stainless steel washers. Not easy to deform or warp after long-time use or under heavy load.

【Spacious and Flat Top Surface】Enjoy approx. 294 (W) x 264 (L) mm of completely flat top surface, providing ample space for 10-20 liter soft bags.

【Strap-friendly and Smooth Edges】The chamfered and smooth edges, including those on the stainless steel side rails, ensure hassle-free and secure strapping.

【Lightweight and Durable】Weighing less than 1.3 kg, including all mounting hardware, this rack offers a lightweight solution without compromising on strength.

【Powder Spraying Finish】Matte black Powder Spraying finish

Established in 2010, NICECNC is the leading brand around the world. We focus on a huge variety of high-quality performance racing motorcycle/car/ATV/UTV parts for our customers. For a decade, our products have reached more than 100 countries, serving nearly 1,380,000 customers. Our overseas warehouses are spread across the globe to make fast delivery possible.

Item Specifications:


Condition: 100% Brand new

Material: Top plate 6061 aluminum ,Side rails stainless steel

Processing: Laser Cutting/Powder Spraying

Package Included:

1 x Rear Luggage Rack (including all necessary mounting hardware)


For Ducati DesertX 2022-2023

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